We have many years of experience in shipping machinery throughout the world. Whatever your requirements we will be happy to provide you with a shipping quotation to your required destination anywhere in the world.

With sending plant out side of the UK, we do need paperwork for our VAT records. The machines will not leave the yard without the customer/transport company providing us with the customer's copy of the CMR. Once the machine/s arrives in the desired country, we also need a copy of the Consignee CMR# stamped & signed emailed to us along with a copy of the transport companies ferry/shipping invoice. This is to prove the machine/s have arrived at the intended destination. Please read the export essentials section below, to make the transaction as smooth as posable.

Please be free to contact us with any queries about export, loading and delivery. We will be happy to help You will find our contact details on our contact us page.

Export Essentials – We can zero rate the VAT (20%) providing the below criteria is met…

  • A purchase order must be sent by email with the full company name and address, along with the desired delivery address. this is to ensure we can track the order.
  • You as the customer must have a valid VAT number, including the two letters at the beginning depicting the country the business is registered. This must be displayed on the purchase order. All VAT numbers will be checked for validation.
  • First-time customers out side of the UK will have to pay the VAT which will then be refunded when we have received the correct documents (stamped signed CMR and copies of the shipping invoices)
  • A CMR must be provided upon collection of the machine/s from our yard. We must then have the consignee copy of this same CMR emailed back to us with it stamped and signed in the correct box once the machine is back in your desired country.
  • A valid business name, address and email address is essential, and any other relevant contact details.

These documents must be received within one month (30 days) of the original collection date.

With all of the above procedures in place and in agreement, we are happy and here to help.

For a quotation or any other queries you may have regarding our services, please contact us.

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